Destiny: How to prepare for Crota’s End Hard Mode Raid

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Bungie has announced that Crota’s End raid for PS4 and Xbox One will go live on January 21st and before you get excited for it you need to know whether you are ready for it.

You will be facing level 33 enemies in the hard mode raid and it’s only possible for you to get to level 32. That means the enemies will be one level higher than you and it will be difficult for you to do damage to them with underpowered weapons.

Getting to level 32 helps a lot and it would also be nice to get 331 ATK weapons so that you can deal maximum damage possible. Hard mode will use new techniques like making it difficult for you to heal so you need to be careful. Having guns like Red Death which has a unique perk of healing you after every kill helps a lot but it’s not needed.

Normal mode will still be available so you can practice that first if you do not have level 32 gear and 331 ATK weapons. Having weapons like Gjallarhorn and Icebreaker will help a lot so make sure to at least buy the Icebreaker from Xur for 17 strange coins. If you are short of strange coins be sure to do the weekly strike which gets you 9 strange coins.

We are not sure of what new roadblocks Bungie will put in the hard mode raid but we will update this article accordingly and add in new tips so stay tuned…