Destiny – House of Wolves Equipment Upgrade System Detailed

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Bungie has revealed in their Twitch stream just now how the weapon upgrades will work in Destiny. They also showed the new social space called the Reef and we have a bunch of interesting information for you.

The Reef will allow you to access the House of Wolves content and meet new vendors and NPCs. You can also access your vault and grab bounties just like you did in the Tower.

Just as promised, Bungie has also simplified the way you upgrade your gear especially coming after the mess they created with The Dark Below. It shows that they are listening to feedback and trying to build the best game they can.

To upgrade legendary items to the new light level and weapons to 365 attack, you will require a new material called Etheric Light as shown in the screenshot below. This can be obtained from the Prison of Elders, Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner and to some extent other end game activities.

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All you need to upgrade the exotic gear is one exotic shard and you can do it yourself without being dependent on Xur. They have also announced a material transfer system kinda like what we saw with Eris. You can basically exchange your old stockpile of resources to something new and something that you need.

destiny how materials exchange

The House of Wolves comes out on May 19th and Bungie will be showcasing the Trials of Osiris next week on Twitch. We will get to know more details about the HoW PvP mode then.

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