Destiny – House of Wolves DLC Release May 19th? Content found in-game

the house of wolves may 19

Well, well, well, a Reddit user has apparently found some House of Wolves content in-game and according to a screenshot he posted (which you can see above), the next DLC promises to add a bunch of content to the game.

The description reads:

The Queen’s Fallen have purchased their freedom with Awoken Blood. Hunt down the traitors and your debt to the queen will be paid.

“What debt?”

You will need to play through the base story to know that. The description also adds that there will be “hundreds of new weapons, armor and gear” a new raid, three crucible maps and a strike.

Most of the datamined info can be found in the link, but what’s interesting is that the user says the DLC will come out on May 19th.

Since the first DLC, The Dark Below, came out on December, May is an awful long time to wait for new content.

The Nightfall strike has been bumped up to 32 which is logical and the level cap will probably be raised to level 34.

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  • Drithe

    Who gives a frack about crucible maps? Screw bungie!