Destiny Guide: Solo The Deathsinger With Hunter, Titan and Warlock

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Deathsinger is a boss in Crota’s End raid of Destiny and if you want to solo it without bothering to find a team, we’ve got just the guide for you. Now, it’s easy to solo most of the raid with a hunter as they seem to have many beneficial perks like invisibility but here’s how you can solo with all three characters.

The main issue during the fight is the amount of adds you have to face. There will be a lot of knights and acolytes and they will completely wreck you if you are not careful. Not killing Deathsinger in time will cause a wipe.

Obviously it helps if you have a Gjallarhorn as that increases your DPS but in this video you can see a bunch of different strats.

Killing the boss will get you a chance at an exotic weapon so it is good if you can kill her thrice each week with your characters.

Check out the video below.

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