Destiny Guide: How to Rapidly Level up Exotic Gear

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Exotic items in Destiny take an awful lot of time to get leveled up but there is a way you can drastically speed up the process.

First, you need to accept a bunch of bounties and before turning them in make sure that all the equipped gear in your arsenal is maxed out except the exotic you are trying to level up.

This will make sure that all the XP gained from bounties will apply to your exotic instead of being distributed among the rest of your gear equally.

If a piece of weapon or armor is the only item needed to be leveled it will gain XP really fast. Also try to complete the Nightfall Weekly as it gives you an XP boost for the rest of the week.

There’s also an alternate method to turning in bounties.

Step 1: Complete as many bounties as possible and prepare to turn them in at the same time.
Step 2: Activate Telemetry from Xur Agent of the Nine.
Step 3: Make sure your preferred weapons and armor are equipped and turn the bounties in.

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  • Joe Devoreaux

    Yes this works and is a good tip but the problem really is finding the materials like Ascendant energy and the high amounts of patrol materials like spin metal and ancient iron that’s needed to level them besides the XP. Bungie should create a material merchant in the Tower to let high level, rich players buy some of these hard to find materials.

    • Kenny Stimmel

      Ascendant Materials aren’t that hard to get. Just make sure you do the daily strike on lvl 28 everyday(if you can), Do the Vault Of Glass every week( if you can. Updates every Tuesday) and get at least 1 gold tier public event every day. that alone will get you a ton of material and this piece on getting materials might help 2.

  • Dan

    Do the weapons in your vault receive the XP too? If not, rather than making sure all other weapons are levelled up, or the one you want to level up is equipped you could just only have the ones you want to level up with you when you go to turn in your bounties, leave everything else in your vault and just pick it back up once you’ve turned the bounties in

    • Punkindrublic1

      I’m pretty sure its just the armor/weapons you are currently wearing/using that gain XP. Can’t see stuff in your vault gaining XP.

  • Josh Price

    I have been doing strikes on my own seeing I dont have anyone to team up with, BUT some strikes r to hard to do alone and of course I cant do Vault of Glass alone so I am looking for anyone wanting to do anything..

    Level 28 warlock with all Legendary Weapons and Armor unlocked to upgrade but need shards n energy to upgrade them, My helemt and Exotic chest is fully upgraded.

    Ps id OBL_51di0U5

    idc if we only do vault of glass or we do a bunch of things I can handle my own seeing i been playing strikes alone..

    • Zach Purdy all you need to know