Destiny Guide: How to Get to Level 34 on Day 1 in House of Wolves

house of wolves main

A new Destiny expansion titled “House of Wolves” will be released on May 19th. The level cap which is 32 right now will be increased to level 34.

Bungie has changed the leveling requirements and it’s just not the same thing you did in TDB. There are new gameplay mechanics and if you want to get a character to level 34 on day 1 in the expansion, here’s what you can do.

1) Exotics can be leveled up to the max light level using an exotic shard which will bring your overall level to 32.5.

2) You can run the Nightfall for a chance at Etheric Light which you will need to ascend your legendary armor.

3) If you don’t get an Etheric Light from Nightfall, the next step is to complete all the story missions on your selected character and run the level 32 Prison of Elders.

This will net you an armor core with which you can buy a max light legendary armor from the vendor Varyks in the Reef. Make sure the exotic in the slot you upgraded is different from the armor you buy from Varyks.

4) Now you will be at 33 light and can run the level 34 Prison of Elders. This will net you a weapon core and an Etheric Light with which you can ascend another armor piece.

5) Now you need another Etheric Light and for that if you have another character you can attempt the level 34 Prison of Elders again and transfer over the Etheric Light to your desired character and voila! You will be level 34. It is not possible to get all three characters to level 34 but you can get at least two characters to 34 in the HoW launch week.

Good luck guardians, you will need it! We will update this post with more information soon.