Destiny Guide: How to earn Ascendant Shards and Energy Fast

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Ascendant Shards and Ascendant Energy are required to upgrade Legendary and Exotic gear. They are incredibly difficult to obtain but they are required if you need to reach level 30.

Here’s the best way to get to get them fast. But bear in mind, you need to be over level 27 and have decent gear so that you will be able to hold your own while facing strong enemies.

1) Do the daily story on level 28 hard.

2) Do the nightfall weekly stike.

3) Do the weekly heroic strike.

4) Do the vault of glass raid.

5) Try to get all the chests while farming for upgrade materials.

6) Purchase legendary gear using vanguard and crucible marks and dismantle them.

7) Dismantle legendary gear that you do not need earned via engrams.

8) Always do missions on level 28 to increase chance of legendary drops.

9) Hope the RNG works in your favour.

These are the things you can do to earn a decent amount of ascendant shards per week.

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  • asadachi

    So what part about this is fast?

  • foxcroft_

    Yeah, I know the post-game is suppose to be challenging, but I have 4 pieces of legendary armor, I’m at level 26, and I’m waiting on roughly 66 pieces of ascendant shard to keep upgrading these armor to advance levels. So maybe I’ll be level 30 by Christmas is what you’re saying. Fuck needing 6 shards for every +2 to light that you want to gain. And I don’t have 5 friends with PS4 and Destiny to attempt Raids with, so wtf am I suppose to do besides play Destiny 8 hrs/day 7 d/week?

    • darktemplar

      look i have friends who looking to raid and we have a few other players to raid with us we are just waiting 4 one player to join us and that would make six players .. so if you want you can raid with PSN is Ragingdragon2371

      • Trueknock

        Yooo I’m down I need a group to raid with! Trueknock84 I’ll hit u up!

    • Byron Frank

      Actually, its impossible to get to level 30 if you can’t do the Raid, its not a matter of time. Fully leveled Legendary gear with an exotic thrown in won’t put you to 30.

      My PSN is Dangthing if anyone wants to play. Send a friend request and put in the message you want to play Destiny.

      • Guest

        This is false. I am creeping up to level 31 and all of my legendary gear is not fully upgraded. When I am fully upgraded I will be level 31. PSN is gearhound.

        • Byron Frank

          My comment was correct when I posted it. Your information takes into account the DLC which at that time hadn’t been released.

          • Guest

            And what exactly did bungie do to make leveling easier in the DLC? I don’t have the new DLC armor and I’m almost level 31.

          • Byron Frank

            Pre-DLC the highest any armor in the entire game would go was level 30 exactly. It could only be earned by completing the Vault of Glass raid and the helmet only from Hard Mode Raid. Non-raid armor maxed out at level 29. Exotics maxed out at 30 as well. After the dlc all exotics max at level 32. All non raid legendary armor with the dlc mark goes to level 31. Pre DLC vanguard armor and all faction armors went only to light level 27 I believe allowing a 29 max.

            A lot of changes done in the DLC were applied to everyone. Before the DLC it was impossible to get higher than level 30. In truth the DLC was given to everyone and you pay to unlock a file that allows you to “earn” the DLC content. The DLC itself was applied as a gamewide patch.

          • Guest

            Really? Even before the new content, fully upgraded legendary gear with light +33, which could be purchased from the Vanguard, and a fully upgraded exotic piece would put you at 30.

    • DK_Son

      Adding you guys,. DK_Son. Need people to try the raid with. The 5 others I know with PS4’s aren’t all on at the same time. This game will die out before everyone moves from PS3 to PS4.


      My PS4 ID is Primus_Gannicus. I am up for raids as well.

    • Chrashy

      Use the destiny app and forum. Many many players looking for raids, or hav open spots to be filled

    • foxcroft_

      glad to see some people in agreement. my handle is foxcroft_ and if i’m online i’m down to raid.

      • gundamfight1

        All raid with you. I also can’t get people to raid. Mij psn. gundamfight1

  • jagbit

    Play the fuck out of it?

  • AngryAskew

    Destiny is fucking bullshit all I get is ascendant energy, I want shards not energy I can’t level up with shards

    • Darren

      You mean you can level up with shards #ragetyping


      I want energy for all my exotics.

    • Steve Bellefontaine

      You also need ascendant energy if you have exotic guns. Im still waiting to 2 more ascendant energy. And shards are a beoch also to get

  • drRockso

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  • Chrashy

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  • spiderman

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  • spartan6979

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    Im level 25 at the moment n wanna play till i puke till i get 30…woohoo

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  • Mark McKinney

    I’m down to raid. Level 30 Titan. PS4


  • armkandy

    xbox 360, hunter was stuck at level 32 for weeks. Only got to 33 by doing House of Banners and got 2 etheric light. All of my legendary armor and weapons will only ascend with etheric light. stuck with ascendant shards and energy and nothing to do with them. cant do POE or VOG solo and tired of trying to. suggestions on what to do with the ascendant material I can’t use?