Destiny Guide: How to Complete The Vault of Glass on Hard

vault of glass destiny ps4

The Vault of Glass on level 30 is the hardest challenge in Destiny and it will be incredible difficult for inexperienced players even if they are at a high level. Fortunately, we are here to help.

First you need to prepare. Make sure at least 5 guys on your team are at least level 29 with maxed out primary and secondary. Make sure to get some ammo synthesis from the tower as the drop rate for ammo is incredibly low.

If a few people on your team have the Atheon’s Epilogue auto rifle it helps considerably as you can kill the Oracles faster using it. Make sure it is upgraded.

The first section is pretty straightforward and you can clear it very easily. Just do what you do on normal, that is to kill all enemies and gain entry into the Vault of Glass.

The second section where you fight the Templar is the real challenge. If you are all 29s and 30s with good weapons, you can kill enemies faster before they get a chance to overwhelm you. When the Templar gets enraged is where the action really begins as you have to fight swarms of enemies. It won’t be easy as dying means you are dead for that round and your teammates won’t be able to revive you, so you gotta be careful.

This is where experience comes in. If you know how to clear this section and the next one, all you gotta do is concentrate on killing enemies fast. There will be hardly any ammo drops here so use the ammo synthesis.

Two people on the left, two on the centre and two on the left. Shoot, shoot and shoot, until it’s time to do it again but this time with the Oracles. If you have the Atheon’s Epilogue auto rifle it becomes considerably easier to do this.

If you succeed, congratulate your team and get ready to kill the Templar.

You can either use the cheap way out and go to the floating platform on the left to kill him slowly, or do it the normal way by shooting everyone, which isn’t really recommended but you can try it. The video for the ‘cheesing’ strategy is posted below.

Once the Templar is dead, it’s the straightforward Gorgon section and a little platforming, then you are at the final boss–Atheon.

It’s the same thing as fighting him on normal–just that, you cannot die because it will mess you up when he teleports three people. One person dying means you have to repeat the round because it’s impossible to survive so make sure everyone knows what to do here.

In conclusion, have a lot of ammo synthesis, maxed out weapons, level 29 and above, and most importantly try to play defensively because dying will cause a wipe. If you get lucky, you will get the Vex Mythoclast weapon, which is the best gun in the game.

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