Destiny: Here’s How to Get ‘No Time To Explain’ Exotic Pulse Rifle, Quest Chain Unlocked

No time to explain exotic pulse rifle

Here’s how to get No Time To Explain which is an exotic pulse rifle. Bungie has unlocked the second phase of the quest chain to get the exotic weapon.

First you need to do the today’s daily and it takes you to the Vault of Glass where you need to find three ghosts and gain entry to a secret area where you can find Praedyth’s chest. You must have probably done this the last time this daily was available but if you haven’t you need to do it first.

The second step is to buy packages from FWC till it reaches 100%. The third step after this is to do the Vault of Glass and kill Atheon.

The next mission is a solo mission which sends you to the Twilight Gap multiplayer map and you have find a chest here and the location is randomized. Step into the pools of light to get the darkness off of you for a limited time.

The last mission takes you to Black Garden where you just kill adds till the bar reaches 100% and then you get to fight a boss. If the bar drops below 100% the boss will disappear so just kill the adds.

Go back to the tower to get your exotic pulse rifle called No Time To Explain which is basically an exotic Stranger’s Rifle.

The perks on the gun are as follows:

  • Full Auto
  • Speed Reload
  • Hand Loaded
  • Fitted Stock
  • Rewind Again

Full auto with original Black Hammer perks sounds like a great thing. The gun will drop at 290 attack rating so some infusion is in order to get it upto mark.

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