Destiny Guide: Exotic Shards and Exotic Weapon Upgrade Detailed

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Bungie has made a controversial decision on upgrading old exotics to the max attack value which is 331. The new attack value will be the default with the new DLC which is called The Crota’s End.

So if you have a maxed out exotic weapon and want to upgrade it to the new value you need a couple of things.

The first is an exotic shard which you can give it to Xur who appears between friday to sunday. An exotic shard can be obtained by dismantling your current exotics or purchasing it from Xur for 7 strange coins. If you are planning to upgrade your exotics now, DON’T DO IT until the DLC is live.

Once you purchase the exotic upgrade for a specific weapon or armour from Xur, its progression will be lost and you will have to upgrade it all over again. The positive side is that the attack value will be 302 now.

Xur will only sell specific Exotic upgrades so you have to wait until he has the option for the weapon you want to upgrade. Exotic weapons do not use ascendant materials anymore so that’s in your favour. However, the grind is real.

It will be advisable to upgrade only important exotics at first because the DLC will have 5 more exotics for you to choose from.

1) Stock up on exotic shards by dismantling exotic weapons or buying them from Xur

2) Purchase upgrade from Xur using an exotic shard

3) Upgrade it and use an exotic shard to max it out

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