Destiny Guide – How to Find Dead Ghost on All the Planets

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If you are looking to achieve the Ghost Hunter trophy on PS4 and Xbox One, which requires you to find Dead Ghosts scattered across Destiny’s world, we have just the video guide for you.

There are a total of 62 Dead Ghosts. You cannot miss any of them and missions can be replayed to get them. Once you get a Dead Ghost the game will be saved so you don’t have to worry about losing progress.

There are many planets in Destiny and here are the videos on all of them (Thanks, Powerpyx). Let us know if you manage to find all the Dead Ghost.






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  • Guest

    I hate destiny, worst game of 2011

    • ExplodingJuice

      So original. I am willing to bet you don’t even own the game or have at least played it. Another person hiding behind a Guest account not willing to back up his comments with facts on his/her PERSONAL experience with the game. Coward.

      • Guest

        He may not have played the game (and therefor is talking crap about something he doesn’t have a right too and is being a troll) – but it’s just as annoying when people start demanding that others ‘backup there opinions’ with ‘facts’. Who gave you the right to demand/or/dictate of other people that they answer you for validation as to whether their personal opinions are correct or not (who made you judge – and why should anyone ‘have’ to explain why they feel the way they do: especially to you)? Keep that in mind – even with annoying trolls like this one. Who knows, he might have played Destiny for all we know.

    • daniel

      Look at this clown. Well genius I am sure you tried to make a poor joke but since you lack originality or an actual sense of what time you are currently living I think you should get out of your mothers basement and see some sunlight. Matter of fact when is the last time you went outside and smelled fresh air. That is fresh air not the air you get when you spray Febreze in your dungeon to remove the odor of your shit bucket (refer to Southpark episode about WoW.)

    • Lawrence Van de Pas

      Didnt know destiny came out in 2011