Destiny generates $325 million, ATVI Market Cap Drops by $1.5 billion

destiny strike

Activision has announced that Destiny has grossed $325 million in 5 days. While that’s a good number it is expected that the sales will slow down due to the poor reviews.

Earlier the company had revealed that they had shipped $500 million worth of Destiny copies to retailers.

Activision’s stock has plummeted from $23.73 to $21.70 which has caused them a loss of $1.5 billion worth of market cap. That must really hurt and this drop happened when Destiny reviews started coming out.

It seems the investors believe that the game probably won’t sell well and the future of the franchise looks to be in jeopardy due to the weak reviews. Activision has a 10 year plan for the IP, and this has to be disappointing for them.

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