Destiny: Festival of Lost Halloween Event Live; New Crucible Map Unlocked

halloween event destiny

If you visit the tower in Destiny you are in for a big surprise as The Festival of Lost Halloween event has just gone live. That means there are new quests, new items, the tower looks different and there’s just a lot of things to do.

First thing you should do is visit Tess Everiss and Eva Levante. They will get you started on what to do. Basically visit everyone and they will give you something interesting like candy or anything Halloween themed.

More importantly, you will also get masks of various bosses and NPCs in Destiny. There are tons of them and you also need them to do quests.

Here are some of the various items you can get:

Salty Engram A savory snack that increases the development of upgradable Primary Weapons for a short time.

Sugary Engram This cunning confection increases the development of upgradable Special Weapons for a short time.

Flight of Shadows Are you a dream of a sleeping god? Or the nightmare of a dead one? Changes the appearance of your respawn for 24 hours.

Tiny Box of Raisins What? Why…?

Paper Scraps Obtained from Mystery bags or by Dismantling a Rare mask, Can be traded to Eva Levante for a new Rare mask.

Paper Glue Obtained from Mystery Bags or by dismantling a Legendary mask. Can be used to upgrade a Rare mask to Legendary.

Fruit Motes These chewy treats generate Glimmer as you fight the Fallen. Don’t eat them all at once.

Festival of the Lost Candy A selection of delicious, sweet candies for the Festival of the Lost.

You can also do Court of Oryx to get Jackolytes. Bungie has also unlocked a new crucible map called Cathedral of the Dust and you can find it randomly while doing Rift.

There are also new emotes and the Thriller dance is finally live. It’s kinda expensive though and will set you back by 700 silver. There are three new legendary emotes and packages to get random stuff including masks.

All the dances can be found below:

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