Destiny details and concept art blowout: Game has magic, multiplatform, more

We have some new concept art of Bungie Destiny.

The game looks spectacular and we have some new details on it as well, and it has been revealed that the game has a magic class as well. Yes magic. The tank you saw in the concept art that was leaked earlier is called the Spider Tank.

The game contains at least 3 classes: Hunter, Warlock, Titan. The game will be always connected sort of like an MMO, and does not feature a subscription fee.

The city on Earth as a social hub and Mars and Earth Moon are visitable locations. The game also contains space zombies. The game is multiplatform and will be released on the PS3 and Xbox 360, and it will also be released on the next gen consoles like PS4 and Xbox 720

We will be updating this article as we get more information so stay tuned.