Destiny: Bungie comments on Atheon Cheesing, Calls it a Bug

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If you’ve played the vault of glass raid in Destiny, you would know that many players are simply cheesing the last boss using a checkpoint gained from someone who has reached the boss.

By pushing him off the ledge you can kill him in under 2 minutes and gain valuable gear that only that boss drops in the entire game.

Bungie has called it a bug and they will be fixing it soon in the next patch. They have already fixed the templar cheese where players were jumping on the floating platforms and killing him easily.

  • We’ve added “baby bumpers” to areas where players could knock Atheon out of the environment.
  • Knocking a boss off a ledge is a bug. We will seek to address bugs like these as quickly as possible.

There you go. You have to beat him in a legit way now and that’s going to be easy.

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