Destiny: Best and Fastest Way to Farm Treasure Key

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House of Wolves pre-patch introduced some new bounties and upon completing them you get a chance to access a chest for a limited time and get some goodies.

The chest offers planetary materials, engrams and a new item called Treasure Key which is said to access a secret area in Prison of Elders.

Now you can carry a maximum of 5 keys on each character and store 5 keys in the vault which means you can have a total of 20 keys at a time.

If you’ve been farming this chest you would know that the drop rate for the key is very low and we have a method which shows how to farm the chest effectively.

Go to Venus and stay at Ember Caves as the chest spawns at any one of four locations and if you are fast you can grab the chest near the citadel route three times.

Check out the video below.