Destiny becomes UK’s biggest new IP launch, Sells most on PS4

destiny strike

Good news for Sony, Destiny has topped the UK charts and has also become the best new IP launch ever. Previously it was Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs that held the record but it has now been eclipsed by Destiny.

The game sold 46% on PS4, 36% Xbox One, 14% on Xbox 360, and 4% on PS3. It’s a 50:50 split between Sony and Microsoft, and that is pretty surprising since the game was advertised heavily in PlayStation’s favour.

Activision should be pleased with these results. They had earlier announced that the game generated $500 million at retail in just 24 hours.

Destiny might be the biggest selling new IP worldwide at the rate at which it’s going right now. The reviews for the game have been disappointing but Bungie can hopefully learn from the criticism and Destiny 2 lives up to its potential.

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