Destiny: 6 Man Court of Oryx? It’s Certainly Possible, Here’s How You Do It

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If you have an antiquated rune and find it difficult to clear the bosses with just three people, it may be time to do what Destiny players do best; cheese the game.

For this to work, two people in the same region need to load up the Dreadnaught patrol solo and go to a loading area that connects the Mausoleum to the Court of Oryx. It might take a few tries but you will end up in the same area eventually.

After this point, just ask your friends to join your fireteam and voila you have 6 players destroying the Court of Oryx bosses.

You can also invite randoms to your fireteam but that would be too time consuming. Here’s a pic that shows entrance to the Court of Oryx from Mausoleum.

Mausoleum loading zone

Let us know if it worked in the comments section below.

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