Destiny 2: Xur – The Agent of Nine Location Revealed (Week 3)

Everyone’s favourite Destiny Santa is back this week and he’s on planet IO with a bunch of goodies for eagerly awaiting guardians. Might not want to get your hopes up because his inventory for this week is decent, not great.

He has the Riskrunner submachinegun with 900 rounds per minute. Since it’s actually offered to you as a reward in the game, it’s not really that special. He also has armour for each class but we figure you might already have them.

He’s inside a cave in IO just go to the edge of the map to find him. You can lock on the logo which will make it easier to find him. He has no cosmetic items and only has 4 exotics. The weapon costs 29 legendary shards and the armour costs 23 legendary shards.

He usually arrives on the planet the flashpoint quest is set in, so IO this week. Here are our thoughts on Destiny 2, we didn’t like it.

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