Destiny 2: Xur Locations and Inventory Revealed (Week 2)

Xur: The Agent of Nine was here last week and he brought a bunch of goodies for guardians like Merciless the exotic fusion rifle that is really amazing in the Leviathan raid.

He’s back again and for week 2 he has a bunch of things that guardians might be interested in. He has the exotic rocket launcher called the Wardcliff Coil which is like a shotgun but has explosive rounds that can decimate enemies at close range.

It costs 29 legendary shards but you probably have tons of them by now. There are also some armours that you can buy for 23 legendary shards.

Xur can be found in Titan below a platform. You can find the icon on the map and go to it by selecting it.

He will be here until Sunday and be back next Friday with more goodies. He still does not have cosmetic items for guardians and it’s not clear when he will be bringing them.