Destiny 2: Xur Graces The Game For The First Time; Week 1 Location

Xur: The Agent of Nine has graced Destiny 2 with his presence and has brought a bunch of goodies for veteran and newbie guardians out there.

Each item costs 23 legendary shards for the armor and 29 legendary shards for the weapon. If you remember the original game Xur sold the Gjallarhorn in week 2 but many guardians chose to save their coins. Do not do the same mistake here again.

He’s selling an exotic fusion rifle called Merciless and it does quite a decent amount of damage in the raid.

He also has Hunter, Titan, and Warlock armor pieces. However, it is strange that he does not have other items at his disposal.

You can find him in Nessus at the Watcher’s Grave. Simply pull out your Ghost and follow the green sign.

He will be there for 2 days until Sunday. So you have time to grind those legendary shards. Heroic public events will allow you to get more legendary loot so you can dismantle them for legendary shards.

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