Destiny 2: Watch A Team One Plate Calus on Prestige Raid

Destiny 2’s prestige raid is out and teams have figured out a way to beat it easily in just a few days. We have a video showing the raid’s last boss Calus who has been beaten in just one plate.

For reference: There are four plates which you have to stand on to be able to DPS the boss. The plate will be destroyed after a few seconds. This team has managed to kill Calus using just one plate.

They used the Golden Gun and the rally barricade. They also used the Warlock Empowered Rift for damage. The weapons were coldheart and rocket launchers. The video is interesting because the call outs were on point. This was a well co-ordinated team.

They had 2 people in the throne room and 4 people inside which made it easy to get a bunch of skulls for DPS.