Destiny 2: Prometheus Lens Is Overpowered in PvP, Here’s How To Get It

Prometheus Lens which is a new exotic you can get if you have the Curse of Osiris DLC. The exotic trace rifle has been added to the overall exotic engram drop pool and the only way to obtain is to pray to RNG gods to drop the weapon for you.

Well, that’s great, what about it you ask? The weapon seems terribly imbalanced in PvP as many Destiny 2 players are noticing. The TTK is pretty low and it is close to vanilla Vex Mythoclast levels of broken.

Since Trials are an important staple of Destiny these days it looks like Bungie could nerf the weapon TTK. We have a few videos below demonstrating how overpowered it really is. If you can get your hands on it before the eventual nerf, go enjoy the PvP.

It does pretty good damage in PvE as well. It gives you more ammo as you kill enemies so you don’t have to reload the gun. The overall feedback of Destiny 2 players of the DLC seems to be pretty tepid and not worth anybody’s time.