Destiny 2 Pre-Load is Live On PSN, 32GB in Size

We have been getting reports that Destiny 2 Pre-load is live on the PlayStation Network. This is one of the most anticipated games of the generations and many people have pre-ordered it.

The pre-load size is 32GB which is around the previous game’s size. However, the original game was updated so much that it easily went over 50GB after all the DLCs that Bungie released for the game over the years.

The game comes out on September 6th for the PS4 and Xbox One and a month later for the PC.

The pre-load has been reported live in the US and Australia. We are confirming whether it is like in the EU or not. If not, please wait a few hours for it to go live. Leaving your PS4 in the rest mode would download the game automatically if you have pre-ordered it on PSN.

Let us know if the pre-load is live on PSN or not. The PC version will be on Blizzard’s