Destiny 2 PC Features Detailed, Full Gameplay Trailer

So now that Bungie has finally revealed Destiny 2 and the leak turned out to be extremely accurate, we have some information on the PC version of the game.

It has been confirmed that Bungie will use Blizzard’s Battle.Net launcher for Destiny 2. The game won’t be on Steam or Origin and is exclusive to Battle.Net.

The PC features for the game are great and it definitely looks like Bungie has put a bunch of effort in it.

The game will support 4K resolution and uncapped framerate. It will also support full mouse and keyboard along with custom key mapping. If you have a keyboard or mouse with custom buttons for macro you can get an advantage in the game.

There’s also a text chat function along with an adjustable field of view. There’s also 21:9 monitor support.

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