Destiny 2 not coming in 2016, Bungie Unsure of What to do

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When Destiny launched in 2014 it wasn’t received that well by critics or gamers but thanks to the excellent gameplay it did manage to garner a massive fanbase which reached 25 million.

So it’s safe to say Destiny is a successful game right now and especially after the launch of The Taken King where Bungie fixed a lot of problems that plagued the vanilla version of the game.

However, there’s a lack of content right now and fans have been wondering when they’ll get a content boost or a major update.

Destiny 2 was earlier expected to be released this year but according to Kotaku that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. It is said that “plans for Destiny 2 are constantly in flux”.

As an example, just last week higher-ups at Bungie delayed “Destiny 2” out of this September, according to people familiar with goings-on at the studio. Although Bungie has not yet announced Destiny 2—which could be called something else to avoid confusion—it was essentially public information that they’d planned to release a new iteration of the game this fall, thanks to a contract leaked in 2012 that revealed the scope of their “ten-year plan” for Destiny.

So it looks like we may not get much content this year for Destiny and that’s disappointing because it may actually destroy the fanbase.

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