Destiny 2: How to Power Level to 260 After Finishing Campaign

Now that you have finished the Destiny 2’s great campaign, you must be wondering how to get raid ready and get to level 260 or more.

If you are new to Destiny then this will be extremely difficult and confusing because there are so many things to do. Every activity in Destiny 2 gives you gear to level up but if you have to get ready by the time the raid comes out, then the farming has to be efficient.

We have some great ways of leveling up in Destiny 2 which will come in handy.

Once you reach level 20 by completing the campaign and some adventures you will have the freedom to patrol the new planets and do activities and side missions to get new gear.

Each blue gear gives you +4 or +5 increase in power so the leveling up will be slow but if you get these blues fast you can reach 260 very quickly.

  1. Public events: This is the key to leveling up. Go back to orbit and then go to an area where a public event is about ot occur. You might find a few people doing it as well. Completing it gives you one blue and if it turns into a heroic public event you can even get two blues, a legendary or exotic engram.
  2. Leveling up the vendors: It’s very easy to level up the gunsmith by dismantling weapons and gear. With 30 materials, you can get a legendary engram from him. You can also level up the other NPCs and vendors by collecting EDZ tokens and other materials.
  3. Doing Strikes: Strikes are a slow but a sure way of getting blues and legendaries. This is not recommended because it is time-consuming.

Sticking to this routine will get you to 260 easily after which you can do the Nightfall strike and get exotics or legendaries.

You only need to be around 265 to be raid ready. Leveling up after level 270 is very hard because you need exotic engrams to boost your character.

After getting to level 260 you can level up your alts by doing the campaign again with friends.

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