Destiny 2 Is A Weak Sequel and Not Worth The Time Investment

Ignoring the shiny new skin of Destiny 2, it’s a game with a lot of problems and is actually pretty regressive compared to the final expansion of Destiny called Rise of Iron.

I don’t even know where to begin trying to detail the game’s faults which is so obvious and amateurish that I wonder if Bungie learned anything from the first game. It’s apparent they did since the expansions were clearly better than the previous ones but Destiny 2 is a paired down game with a non-existent end game and little to nothing customisation options.

The core gameplay is perfect as usual. Bungie knows how to make shooters and it shows again in Destiny 2. Let’s get that out of the way though, this article will showcase the game’s faults and why it is not worth it to invest a lot of time into this game.

Terrible End Game

There’s literally nothing to do once you do the raid. No worthwhile exotic to chase for or gear to customize your character with. The loot in the raid itself is terrible and does not offer any perk that can make the raid easier for hard mode. On the plus side the grind has been reduced significantly but that was the whole USP of the game and made players stick by it.

Barebones content

The strikes are terrible for loot and no one does that. Too much time to complete one strike and rewards that are equal to a heroic public event is not something that is going to make players run them. The Nightfall strike is now timer based which many players have been complaining about. It is also one of the hardest content in the game apart from the raid. There’s nothing in Destiny other than these two that offers a decent challenge.

Exotics are no fun

I spent months doing the raid in Destiny 1 just to get a chance at getting the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher. While the chase was infuriating it was also extremely satisfying when I actually got the rocket launcher. There is nothing of that sort in Destiny. All the exotics are average and offer no entertainment in PvE. Not to mention there are many year one exotics in the game and seeing players use the Mida Multi-Tool in PvP is disappointing.

Weapons and Armor have no depth

Literally, every weapon you get comes with a standard roll on it which is a regressive decision compared to Destiny 1. As a result, there’s no excitement of getting any legendary weapon or rolling it with perks to suit your playstyle. Either Bungie chose the lazy way out or didn’t think casuals wanted this. The raid gear has no unique perks as well which then becomes just infusion fodder for a cosmetic version from Eververse.

Horrible PvP

I loved Destiny year 1 and year 2 PvP and used to play it so much but thanks to the radical changes in Destiny 2 PvP which basically neutered sniper rifles I absolutely hate what Bungie has done here. For starters 4 vs 4 is not a good setup even in trials. Maybe they reduced it from 6vs6 to fix the lag but it was a very regressive move again. Sending the sniper and shotgun to the heavy slot and making us fight the heavy ammo campers is again a move that is not very thought out. Very few people use snipers in Destiny 2 and it was one of the best things about Destiny 1. The current meta is Mida Multi-Tool and an auto rifle which goes to show what Bungie has done to the PvP.

I am tired of Bungie releasing barebone games and the community trying to show Bungie its mistakes. They fixed many things in Destiny 1 over the course of three years but that was only possible because the community was loyal and patient. There are many things that need to be fixed in Destiny 2 but I really doubt people will give Bungie another chance after this low-level effort.

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