Destiny 2: How To Power level from 260 To 290 Quickly

We told you how to power level to 260 really quickly after finishing the campaign but now comes the hard part that is reaching a very high level of around 290.

There’s a strategy to this which involves saving your quests that give you exotics. Which means don’t do the nightfall and exotic quests until you reach level 270 or it will be very difficult to get to 290.

Follow these simple steps to level up very fast to 290.

260 – 265: Do public events, strikes, crucible and just play normally like you did to get to 260.

265 – 270: Level up the vendors to get legendary engrams and use them to hit 270. You can also do strikes.

270 – 280: Now is the time to do the nightfall and the exotic you get will easily boost your light level by a few points. Next, do all the exotic quests to reach 280.

280 – 290: This will take a lot of time and is quite difficult. You have to now buy legendary mods that increase your gear stats by 5.

Once you have reached around 283 or more, instead of trying to do mods create a new character and do the nightfall and exotic quests on them as well. You can transfer your high-level gear and infuse them with your character’s gear to increase their level. With this method, you can have three characters which are raid ready.

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