Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Complete Details From Stream

The Curse of Osiris is the first DLC for Destiny 2 and it features a bunch of things except a raid. However, Bungie has done certain things to the raid that may make it interesting and during a recent stream, they revealed some info of what to expect from it.

The video shows Osiris who is in the Infinite Forest, a simulation created by the Vex, to search for something.

This is set after a few months after the Red War campaign in the game. Osiris is an exiled Vanguard leader who was Zavala’s predecessor as the Commander of the Vanguard.

We also get to see his Ghost who is called Sagira. The ghost gets hit by the Vex while escaping and that may have something to do with the story.

There’s a new social area in the DLC and Brother Vance returns to it.

The lighthouse is the new social hub and the new faction NPC for it is Brother Vance. He also has his own Lighthouse engrams.

There will be new exotic weapon quests like the one in the main game.

A new public event type will be available on Mercury and it is said to be the largest one in the game. The Osiris DLC will appear on the PC at the same time as console.

Here’s the new armor set for the DLC.

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