Destiny 2 Campaign Can Be Played With Friends – Bungie

Earlier there was a passage from the Destiny 2 guide which stated that you have to finish the campaign once solo before being able to play it again with your friends.

It caused a lot of discomfort and anger among Destiny fans and it has now been revealed that it was just poorly worded.

Mark Noseworthy from Bungie explained on Twitter that “You do not have to solo D2 campaign to play it again co-op with friends later on. That’s absurd.”

“Opening moments are solo to support story before you can fireteam up and shoot monsters with your friends.”

So there you go, you can expect a solid multiplayer experience from a Bungie game. The campaign is said to have around 17 missions.

The game will be out on September 6th. The pre-load for Destiny 2 has already begun and is around 32GB in size.