Destiny 2: for PC, 4 Player Fireteams

We have a lot of new juicy Destiny 2 information. It has been confirmed that Destiny 2 will launch via on PC and not on Steam and Origin as most people expect.

Many abilities from the vanilla game are expected to return but there are new abilities as well which is available for the entire class. Trials of Osiris is now called Trials of the Nine.

There won’t be any elemental weapons in the primary slot, only secondary. The maximum level will be 20 at the beginning just like the previous game.

There’s a new PvP game mode which is an evolution of Elimination mode. There will also be four player fireteams instead of three from the first game.

Bungie will be officially revealing Destiny 2 gameplay today and we will probably get tons of information from the game then. Here’s the first trailer for the game.

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