Destiny 2: All 9 Leviathan Raid Chest Locations Guide

The Leviathan raid is out for Destiny 2 and players have found out a lot of secrets of the raid in just a week. Every Destiny raid has had a bunch of chests that gave you a chance of a random exotic but in this game there are 9 chests in the raid.

The raid itself is massive and the areas are gigantic. Bungie has done an incredible job in designing this raid and to find all the 9 chests will require a lot of effort the first few times you do the raid.

We have a video that shows the location of all the 9 chests. You have to do certain things including platforming to get them all. Some people have also done it solo.

The 9 chests are;

Transfer Chest, Engine Chest, Ventilator Chest, Pipeline Chest, Drain Chest, Conduit Chest, Irrigation Chest, Aqueduct Chest, and Armory Chest.

All these are massive rooms that you have to navigate. Check out the video below that shows the locations in detail. Xur was here last week and he had these goodies. Will come in handy during the raid.

Thanks, nKuch