Despite Battlefront 2 Failure, EA Stock Soars To New Heights

While EA have learned their lesson with Battlefront 2 and are promising moderation with Anthem and their upcoming games like Battlefield V, their stock value has been going from strength to strength and it’s now at an all time high.

EA is no stranger to controversies. SimCity was widely panned for an always online connection and Battlefront 2’s loot boxes and microtransactions destroyed the sales. However, it seems investors are pretty bullish on EA after posting good results and having a bright roadmap for the future.

EA’s stock price is now at $148 and their market capitalisation is at $45.5 billion. Activision Blizzard is at the top, excluding Sony and Microsoft, the latter which has a huge market cap of $800 billion.

Nintendo is at $38.5 billion and they were almost double the market cap during the Wii/DS era.

Sony has done well this generation but gaming business is only a fraction of their overall business and hence their market capitalisation is around $66 billion.