Desperate Guy Attempts to Hit on Girl Over Xbox Live, Disaster Ensues

This following video will show you how awful Xbox Live can get for females.

A guy asks out a random girl on the service for a date and even though she politely explains to him that she doesn’t want to hear anything about it, this guy keeps on pressuring her in the most cringe worthy way possible.

The whole conversation is so weird and since he has never seen the girl and does not know her, such desperation by him is certainly bewildering.

Here’s what she had to say: “This random guy tries to add me and date me. I’ve never spoken to him before in my life and heis desperate for me to date him, despite the fact that we live in two different countries, HILARIOUS.

“This is about 5 minutes into the conversation just because I obviously didn’t have my PVR on or anything. I recorded my voice with audacity at the time so sorry if it’s a little unsynced, should pretty much be okay though.”

Check out the video below.