Denis Dynack expresses concern over AAA games and the Industry

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Denis Dyack of Too Human fame has spoken out against AAA games and the health of such games are not fine. He explained his reasons in an interview with Gamespot.

He has made comparisons with the movie industry of 1920 and has mentioned that the filmmakers during those days had trouble in recouping their investment.

“AAA is not fine. I think our industry now is in a position exactly where Hollywood was in the early ’20s – the golden era of films. Making movies like Cleopatra or Ben Hur where everyone was employed and they had thousands of staff,” he told the site. “And they made fantastic movies; those were great movies; I still watch them today; they’re amazing. But studios looked at it and said, ‘We’re not making money. This is not working.’”

“But what did happen is they changed the way they worked and it went more towards the model that we have. Which I would call…a micro-studio or a very focused studio that grows and expands but are not employees of this one group, where it’s basically not internal development. It’s much more efficient that way. I think that’s where AAA may go, or at least game development can go.”

The next-gen consoles will be easier to develop for so it should help game developers in recouping the costs fast. Plenty of studios were closed this gen due to increasing costs but the situation should be much better next gen.

Recently there was a report where it was revealed that ZombiU wasn’t profitable and there is no sequel planned. It looks like next-gen isn’t off to a good start but hopefully that turns around soon.

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Via Gamespot.