Demon’s Souls 2 and “Evolve” Listed for the PS4 by a Swedish Retailer

A popular retailer in Sweden called CDON has listed Demon’s Souls 2 for the PS4, along with a new game called “Evolve”. The latter is owned by Take Two which they purchased from THQ.

dark souls 2 screenshot 10

The  Demon’s Souls IP belongs to Sony but the studio that worked on the first game is now working on Dark Souls 2 so if the project indeed exists, it could mean that Sony has found someone else to develop the game.

However, it’s still a retailer listing so take it with a pinch of salt. Wouldn’t you love for it to be real? We would too. There are also a bunch of other games found on their PS4 section. The retailer is said to be very reliable so hopefully it turns out to be true.

Here’s a screengrab in case they remove the listings.

demon's souls 2 and evolve


  • mantas

    that is screenshot from dark souls 2.

    • fgfgjfghj

      hahaha i just noticed..good eye

      • mantas

        i am all things demon’s/dark souls. think its crappy that ds2 won’t be out till march 2014, so not too happy about having to keep ps3 seeing as though i will be getting a launch day ps4. utter bullocks i’nt it?

        • fgfgjfghj

          Well now they have openly said the PC version will be the superior version Ill just play it on PC :) Still wouldve been nice to have it on X1 tho :(

          • mantas

            with all the hoopla about the x1 going on around the internet, the only thing that genuinely annoys me about the system is the fact that the hard drive within the system is not removable; other than that i would have to concur. if the recommended specs aren’t too off the wall, i may go that route as well, with an x1 controller of course.