Deep Down finally gets a gameplay footage, shows gorgeous visuals

deep down ps4 screenshot 1

Deep Down was first revealed at the PS4 announcement conference and we’ve not heard of the game since then. Capcom has revealed that it is exclusive for the PS4 and it runs on their new Panta Rhei engine.

The footage showed then looked incredible and the fire effects were stunning. However, did the tech demo really run on a PS4? Will Capcom be able to replicate the graphics on the PS4? A lot of questions were asked, and we finally have our answers with this gameplay footage.

The game has changed a bit and it sort of reminds me of Dark Souls. The lighting is simply amazing to look at.

Capcom has not given a release date for the game so far and a beta is also expected sometime next year. Yes the beta has been delayed.

Check out the footage below.