Deep Down announced for PS4 by Capcom

Capcom has showcased its Phanta Rhei engine at the Sony conference and also revealed a new game for the system.

Yoshinori Ono from Capcom came on stage to pledge their support for Sony’s new system and also announced a new engine and game. Deep Down is a new game in development for next-gen systems, and it is running on the Phanta Rhei engine.

The demo that was shown was almost CGish, and you could also see a fake HUD, but the graphics were a highlight of the conference. The game may or may not be real as we hardly got any information from Capcom, but the presentation was held in both Japanese and English.

One striking thing about the presentation was contacting other players for help if stuck in the game. You can also share the loot. More on the game and engine could be shown at E3.

Check out the video below.