Dead Space 3 ‘The Story so far’ trailer tells you what happened

EA has released a new trailer for Dead Space 3 which showcases the entire events of the series so far.

Isaac Clarke and his buddy Sgt. John Carver descend upon planet Tau Volantis to find the secret to stop the marker infection, however, Ellie Langford, whom Isaac met in Dead Space 2 has gone missing and it’s up to the duo to find here.

In this video you can see how the market caused a lot of problems in humans and created a new alien species called Necromorphs who were able to transform others into the same species as them. Isaac who used his engineering tools to take care of these things needs to fight again in Tau Volantis where the same enemies meet him.

But this time he has a friend to help him as well. The video showcases all the moments so far and if you have played the last two Dead Space games, you will understand what exactly transpired. If not, go and play them.

Check out the video below.