Dead Rising 3 details: Video showcases the enemy variety and more

Dead Rising 3 will be much bigger in size than the previous two games and the zombies are said to be a little more intelligent. You will be able to go to a variety of environments and the enemies come in all shapes and sizes.

The game uses the Kinect in an innovative way. In the interview which you can check out above, the creators talk about how you can simply shout at the zombies and that will end up distracting them.

We earlier covered the game’s story and other details, and it really is shaping up to be a great launch title for the Xbox One. Here’s some Dead Rising 3 Comic-Con 2013 footage.

It also features something called “improvisational gameplay”, which allows you to pick up any weapon and customize things on the spot. Capcom has been pushing the game a lot with some developer interviews and that gives an idea of how the game is designed.

It will be released later this year. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.