Dead Rising 3 Details: Producer Explains Xbox One Features

Dead Rising 3 is a launch title for the Xbox One and we have some new details on the game. The game is set in Los Perdidos, California, where the city is completely overrun by zombies. It begins 10 years after the events of Dead Rising, and the city is completely locked down by the government and is quarantined.

dead rising 3 featured

The lead protagonist, Nick Ramos–a mechanic–is just trying to find out a way to get out of the city. The game contains a “sheer amount of zombies”, according to executive producer, Josh Bridge.

The game also uses Kinect and it gives a really casual experience. You can push the zombie off a car by just doing the pushing motion. The combo weapons are one of the main things in the game, and you can pick up weapons littered around and combine them.

Check out the video below.