Dead Island Riptide All-in-One Guide: Unlimited XP & Money, Duplicating Weapons

Dead Island Riptide just came out and we have a bunch of tips and tricks we want to share with our readers.

If you are interested in duplicating weapons in the game or finding out how to get unlimited money and XP, then the following videos will help you do just that. They are made by YouTube user deathmule, and show various strategies on how to get the most out of the game.

It’s not recommended you do this in your first playthrough though, since you’d want to preserve the original experience that the game wants to give you. If you aren’t interested in that or are in your second playthrough check out these videos below.

Unlimited XP & Money

This is pretty straightforward but pay attention to what he says in the video.

Duplicating weapons

What you have to do here is take out the weapon you want to duplicate, and then throw the weapon. Once it’s in mid air press the back button and go back into your inventory and just unequip the weapon which is still suspended in mid air because you went to your inventory.

Now pick up the thrown weapon and voila you will now have two in your inventory.