Dead Island Definitive Collection Graphics Comparison and Details

dead island riptide featured

Publisher Deep Silver has announced that the first two Dead Island games will be remastered and be sold together in a collection for the next-gen consoles and it is called the Dead Island Definitive Collection.

The Collection includes all the DLCs and other bonus material. Dead Island was released in 2011 and its sequel called Dead Island: Riptide was released in 2013, both of them will be remastered.

There’s also a bonus game called Dead Island Retro Revenge which is a 16 bit side scroller. We do not have much details about that game but the description reads:

Pull off crazy combos, collect power-ups, wield super weapons, and unleash insane magic attacks as you fight to become the amazing 16-bit side-scrolling hero you’ve always believed yourself to be!

The Collection will be released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 31st. You will also be able to buy these games separately on PSN, Xbox Live and Steam.

Meanwhile check out the graphical differences between the vanilla and remastered versions.