David Cage: “Sequels kill creativity”, blames gamers for buying them

Beyond: Two Souls creator, David Cage, has forgotten that it is based on the same concept as his previous games.

He has said that sequels stifles creativity, which I wholeheartedly agree with, but you just have to wonder at the irony here. Cage blames gamers for buying Call of Duty and other games which forces the publishers to not take risk and keep giving them the same thing every Christmas.

“If you’re interested in innovation and believe that games could be more than shooters, then you realise that sequels kill creativity and innovation,” he said to OPM UK.

“Many people want the same and if that’s what you offer them, they will gladly buy it. The result is very simple. Gamers invest money in publishers having no interest in innovation.”

He also went on to promote his yet to be released game by indirectly saying that it’s the symbol of innovation, and the previous games have nothing similar to it. That’s got to be a joke, right? Apparently not.

“We don’t give people what they expect. We want to give them something they want without knowing they want it.”

Beyond: Two Souls does not have a release date yet but it is scheduled to come out in 2013, and stars Ellen Page, which ensures that the game will be great. I just like Page a lot, so yeah.

What are your thoughts on this?

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