David Cage: No plans for Beyond PS4, “powerful console” but budgets to Increase

David Cage has revealed that Beyond: Two Souls is between the alpha and beta stage.

He also predicts the budgets to rise sharply next gen and they made a mistake of thinking the PS3 wouldn’t be that high compared to PS2 but were proved wrong.

“When the PlayStation 3 arrived, we asked ourselves the same question: what will be the impact on budgets? We said: ” Oh, nothing will change.” In fact, we had seen that the budgets for PlayStation 3 are incomparable with those of the PlayStation 2,” he said in an interview with Gamekult, translated from French.

“What we see the PlayStation 4 is that it is such a powerful console, which can do so many things, it will necessarily be an inflation of budgets. We will anticipate, and it’s not a bad thing, since that creates experiences that have real value and that reaches a wider audience.

“We will have to find a return to these higher budgets, but if we’re going to do great things with this next generation of consoles, I doubt we can do it for the price of a PlayStation 3 budget.”

He had earlier said that the cost for developing Heavy Rain wasn’t that high and the game did well commercially. So far there’s plenty of interest in Beyond: Two Souls but will that translate into sales? Only time will tell. Hiring actors like Willem Dafoe isn’t something that can be termed as cheap.

He has also confirmed that they have no plans for a PS4 version of the game.