Dark Souls 3 Details Leaked, Coming 2016, Incredible New Screenshots

It seems Hidetaka Miyazaki is directing another Souls game and it will probably be in your hands in 2016. Bloodborne came out this year to great critical acclaim but we are also getting a sequel to Dark Souls 2.

A YouTube gaming channel Know Games has broken this information and has also shown tons of screenshots from the game, which is pretty much unbelievable.

Here are some details on what to expect from the game.

There will be 10 playable classes, 45 new enemies, and 15 new bosses. Lots of new weapons and armor sets so get ready to turtle again compared to Bloodborne’s fast and furious combat.

There’s going to be new boss mechanics and you will also participate in Sacrifice Ceremonies. There’s also going to be new gameplay mechanics such as rush in and circle.

It seems the game will be released on the PS4 and Xbox One first and then the PC. It won’t be on last gen platforms.