Dark Souls 2’s director emphasizes on the balance aspect

dark souls 2 screenshot 10

Dark Souls 2 may be the most balance game in the series if you consider Demon’s Souls to be part of the overall series as well. The game contains a new director Yui Tanimura and Hidetaki Miyazaki, the game director of the previous two Souls games, is not working on it.

So how will the new director leave his mark on the game? One word: balance.

“Throughout the game, there are going to be a lot of different small things that I will direct and will be implemented due to my personality or direction, but the biggest part I feel that will characterize this game as the game that I directed will probably be the game balancing,” he told GameInformer.

“I take care of a lot of the balancing of the game – with the difficulty, the trickiness, of the frustration that you feel. I intend to spend a lot of my time trying to balance placements of the enemies, the parameters of the enemies so that players can face that difficulty, face those challenges, but also conquer enough to sense that satisfaction.

“Balance is probably the most important part of this game and I feel responsible in balancing the game, and tuning it to the finest details so that Dark Souls II will be the best experience so far in the series that we’ve created.”

The game will be difficult but also give players a sense of satisfaction after conquering enemies. Dark Souls 2 will be releasing on March 2014. You can check out the trailer here.

Earlier the second game director Tomohiro Shibuya dispelled the fear of difficulty change and revealed that the game will still cater to existing players.