Dark Souls 2 Version 1.03/Calibration 1.04 patch notes released

dark souls 2 screenshot 10

From Software has released the patch notes for Dark Souls 2 version 1.03/calibration 1.04. Mostly we can see a lot of boss nerfs along with a nerf for Wrath of the Gods miracle.

Calibrations 1.04 notes:

  • Changed the “heavy” throwing animation for Corrosive Urns. Reduced corrosive damage to items when hit.
  • Increase in durability on Twin Blade Weapon / Decreased their durability degradation.
  • Moonlight Greatsword can no longer be enchanted and buffed. Attack animation has been slowed / adjusted.
  • The upward adjustment weight, the degree of toughness, the defense of “large helmet of Gerumu warrior” Armor (Thanks Google Translate. I have no idea what a Gerumu is).
  • Reduced damage from the Ring of Thorns.
  • Reduced damage from the Ring of the Old Sun
  • Damage will not decrease for every enemy that Soul Spear pieces trough.
  • Increase in casting time and decrease of damage for Soul Greatsword
  • Upward adjustment of the bullet speed “lump of Seoul to be tracked” magic “crystal mass of Seoul to be tracked”, and a lower adjustment of stamina take the amount of darkness surgery “those who follow” (Unsure of the horrible Google Translate)
  • The downward adjustment of the amount of damage “torrent of Seoul” magic (I’m guessing a nerf in Soul Geyser or Soul Vortex)
  • Casting speed on recovery spells being lengthened.
  • Increased casting time and decreased damage for Wrath of Gods
  • Decrease in damage and increase in casting time for all Fire Storm-esque pyromancies. Might also include a decrease in damage for Forbidden Sun.
  • Increased defense for Lucatiel, Benhart, and Manscorpion Tark (one other NPC mentioned).
  • The downward adjustment of the HP enemy “rupture the Dead” (???)
  • Female mages in Shrine Of Amana receiving nerf in both damage and their spell’s tracking ability.
  • Fire Lizards in Forest of Fallen Giants will not spit fire in slower intervals.
  • Downward adjustment period the occurrence of the shock wave of attack during downswing enemy of “backpack hammer” (???)
  • The Last Giant now does even less damage to players and Well-Mannered Pate.
  • The Lost Sinner now has less HP and does less damage.
  • Royal Rat Authority now has less HP and does less damage
  • Duke’s Dear Freja’s laser breath now does less damage.
  • Enemies around Sinner’s Rise now do less damage
  • Shadow Men in the Flexile Sentry’s Boss area in NG+ now do less damage

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

  • death eater

    Boss nerfs = casual souls

    • Jessy James Guillemette

      casual souls=playthrough 1

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGLJMnmMuo8 Mikhail Boone

        Now it’s Casual Souls to the second power = Playthrough 1.

  • Shin

    i think Gerumu mean Gyrm

  • Tsar

    The fuck From. Don’t nerf enemies and bosses.

  • CD

    Most of this is not in the 1.03 update that From posted on FB….hopefully it’s not true…who needs boss nerfs??

    • Kevin Grecco

      its the calibration, not the update

  • Tobi Kun

    Nerfing Bosses is going too far… i suffered through those! i expect others to do the same Godamn it!

    • wee-buns

      ^ + 1000

    • Watheverable .

      Agreed! Also why nerf all my magic? I’m fighting dudes that have swords the size of a jumbo jet and my greatsword magic gets nerfed? WTF From?

      • Cameron2325

        They only patched the phantom hitbox.

      • Marc

        Isn’t it normal they nerf some one hit KO skilless pvp spells? Sorry if that makes you so butthurt you won’t be able to win most of your matches with mindless spell spamming.

        • Watheverable .

          Right, because stoping to cast while someone is fighting me with double-ultra-greatswords require no balls or skill.

          • Marc

            Roll back once and you’re safe to cast, run away a bit more for additional safety. You can also block his attacks or parry them.

            Now there’s the caster who can just spam attacks which hurts more than the greatswords at long range and it barely takes longer to cast a spell than swing a greatsword. Also, getting a slight amount of lag, which is common but usually not enough to mess up a melee duel, will result in making spells almost undodgeable and unparryable and blocking them wil jsut result in HUGE stamina damage and likely still have some damage going through unless you use a 100% magic resist shield.

            For the skill or balls required to cast in front of a melee character, you are straight up stupid to do it or have no skill because you can just spam spells which are still usually fast enough to fuck up anyone who even gets close especially if you are even slightly intelligent enough to think of casting homing soul mass when someone’s trying to get into melee range.

          • Watheverable .

            Any melee player on NG+ can dodge most magics and lets not forget profound still. Is there a spell that can disable the attacks and defense of melee character? No there is not , but, with profound still you can disarm any sorcerer. Plus, when you cast you stop, if the other player rolls and attacks it’s all over.
            Why not nerf flame swathe or the other pyromancies that explodes all over the place?

          • JoHoTo

            Ironically, there is a spell that stops dmg. It’s called Repel. And I am also pretty sure theres a hex that lowers defense…

          • suthrnitchyitchy

            Repel has pretty long cast time and only lasts 1.5 seconds. Not exactly something that can be pulled off in pvp. Viable for phasing through slow, high damage boss attacks(Freja’s laser for example, or Nashandra’s laser), or negating soul geyser(if you see it coming) but melee attacks are simply too fast go get it off in time, and it doesnt last long enough to use as a buff like Ironflesh

          • Dude

            there is a spell that decreases defense of melee characters actually. its called Whisper of Despair it reduces defense of opponents. stop complaining about stuff when you obviously havent done any research at all, you scrub.

          • shalazad

            There is a hex that reduces defense of enemies jackass.

          • Giant Dad

            GET GOOD you Fricken NOOB.

          • Arty26

            And then some skilled melee only userpulls out his op Avelyn shoots you in the back saying “you were going to heal!”even though you ran in orderto use the suroundings to your advantage. I made a faith/int build now it’ll be slower, I cant even use most weapons i sacrificed that idea for a glass cannon build. If you can1 shot me I should 1 shot you.

          • Havel’s Mom

            well Get Good. you chose to use something that does not require skill to use and now its being nerfed. getting annoyed with all these mages and hexers whining that thier spells wont be OP anymore.

          • Jessy James Guillemette

            Considering those double greatswords take a fart and a half to finish swinging, i dont believe theres any balls involved.

          • shalazad

            There is no SKILL or BALLS involved in spamming CLEARLY OP spells constantly nomatter who/what you’re fighting. Learn to play please.

          • Bleh

            Are you kidding me? I fought a spell spammer who used a single spell that took less than a second to cast and immediately broke through my magic shield, following it up with moonlight greatsword. Face it. You’re just butthurt because PvP will actually take skill, now.

          • Emerald Herald

            he’s going to need an estus flask to heal from that.

          • Bleh

            Also. Double greatswords are easy as hell to dodge. On top of that, it leaves the wielder with little stamina. Sorcery on the other hand, can be extremely unpredictable in PvP due to connectivity.

      • Geasoftime

        From caters to crybaby melee users. They always have. Melee users don’t want any other class to be viable because it’s too hard for them to do anything but press R1 over and over again. That’s why they also cry about poise being broken, because they can’t sit in Havels and spam R1 in your face without consequence anymore.

        I’m glad I got a solid months worth of gameplay before FROM ruined it, hopefully I can get half my money back on eBay.

        • http://1-800notarealnumber.com McNotveryfreaky

          Jesus Christ, buddy, these are miniscule ‘nerfs’. Should still be a viable option compared to melee. Plus, I think it’s revitalizing to know that I am still in danger when I’m in heavy gear and can still get staggered. I like feeling vulnerable in this game. Hell that’s the whole point of the atmosphere. Can’t speak for everyone though.

          • Joshua Barnard

            Nothing miniscule about it, nerfed coming and going. Nerfed enchantment, nerfed soul geyser into the ground and six feet further. And all that on top of the fact that a dedicated caster spends the whole game sucking hoping for powerful stuff to come together at end game (staff of wisdom, gear, spells). Now there is no payoff, just suck and keep sucking. Melee got their wish, pure sorcs are no longer viable, we’ll all reroll dual wielding speed freak exploiting lag for cheap backstabs now. Not buying FROM games again, I quit MMO’s because I got tired of devs nerfing the game every 5 minutes for crybabies, not going to put up with it FROM them.

          • http://1-800notarealnumber.com McNotveryfreaky

            Are you kidding? Doing a pure Hexer build is the easiest way to beat the game. Even with these ‘nerfs’, you can still kill most if not all bosses in no more than 10 hits. Soul Geyser still hits around 2000 damage if all spears hit, and considering how easy it is to farm it, I still consider it overpowered. Soul Vortex is still undodgable, and soul arrows are just as they should be: Strong enough to take out normal enemies, and weak enough not to make things unchallenging. And don’t even get me started on miracles… Sunlight Spear hits 900 with 50 faith, and WotG is still capable of two shotting most players. All combat styles are meant to be viable, and their effectiveness is meant to be purely based off of skill. Some items and magics in the game (Santier’s Spear, Avelyn, Climax, Forbidden Sun, WotG) are really unbalanced and remove the need for skill. This is why nerfs for these things are needed.

        • Bleh

          You’ve obviously never been on the ass end of spell spamming. Nor have you seen two skilled melee fighters duke it out. It’s not just pressing R1 “over and over again.”

        • Derpadin

          Please tell me how being able to spice down spells so it requires almost nothing to use them is balanced? And what do you expect melee users to do? R2? Don’t defend magic users in saying that they’re the ones with the upper-hand against them when they can cast anything at SL 5, as opposed to having to have the stats required to use a weapon. But you’re right. We do cry about poise being broken because it was one of our only defenses against people who don’t try to have fun and cast every spell in the book. We might have a spell that negates castings, but it leaves us open for your alleged “R1 spam” that supposedly only melee users do. Btw, what button do you use to cast magic?

      • Dude

        dude i was just playing with soul greatsword. if they nerfed it… its very hard to tell. dont worry about it.

      • Solaire

        Magic is way overpowered, even magic scaling swords are better than standard physical ones, hence the mlgs nerf

      • From Software

        becuase your a spamming whorethat does nothing but use spells. where the difficulty in that?

    • Jean-Luc Haas

      That’s what I’m saying!

    • Unborn216

      Ok now some of those nerfs arent super needed but, the royal rat kinda really needed a nerf. He shouldn’t do bullshit dmg and cause toxic effect, so that was a good call, well see about the rest.

  • Clarysse

    nerfing the lost sinner is awesome since in ng+ he is impossible te beat alone

    • Tommy

      lost sinner is a she

    • Tucker

      That’s probably why they’re nerfing him…. Dark Souls has always been Hard but Fair. If the fair fails to exist then the game just becomes cheap.

      • faggot

        *SHE idiot!

      • PeanutXMobster

        thats bs they just wreck the game by nerfing the bosses, demon souls,dark souls, darksouls 2 are great games until little kids who cant think of tactical ways to defeat a boss show up and whine to the creators, until they are givin no choice but to nerf them, seriously though lost sinner is so easy one person takes aggro of the sinner and the other 2 mess up the mages, the last giant and royal rat are being nerfed? is this a bad joke ? i could literally 2 shot royal rat and the giant cant even hit you half the time! its all because of ppl who do not know how to dodge in dark souls.. also if there just gonna nerf everything in the game why not just make an easy mode where its so retarded that bosses literally just slay them self cause thats exactly what people want apparently

        • boopediboop

          The game is becoming far less likable because of the boss nerfs. I was getting excited by the magic/pyro nerfs because they were made any kind of tactical gameplay quite useless and this would have made it awesome but then they go and make the boss easier. I guess it’s high time we all tried sl1 runs.

          • Dude

            you probably havent even gone and played the bosses yet since patch. everyone whines and complains about shit they havent even experienced yet. was there any not e of how much they nerfed it by? no, there wasnt. go try it for yourself before you jump on the complaining train.

        • Iconoclast

          “The lost sinner is so easy once I summon two other people in the game to help me.”


          • Alexis13

            Indeed, i can’t believe he even wrote that.

            Did he really not think about how that sounded in his head?

          • http://1-800notarealnumber.com McNotveryfreaky

            Them filthy casuals… nah jk. People can play video games how they want to.

        • Jessy James Guillemette

          Its called NG+++++++(do i need to keep going?). Playthrough 1 has always been a joke, even in ds1. If you arent getting killed enough, you should try it.

          • http://1-800notarealnumber.com McNotveryfreaky

            That or Covenant of Champions. Oh, and let’s not forget our good friend the bonfire ascetic!

        • matt

          i love dark souls too, but can we stop acting like we are better than other people who don’t play this game? its a game. a video game. being good at it doesn’t make you cool or smart. and you are not some tactical genius for beating it. its a matter of trial and error. try enough and eventually you will succeed. nothing more

        • urmomsbutthole

          Did you know there are bonfire ascetics you can toss into bonfires to make that area more challenging? Toss a bunch of those into your favorite area after you get to NG+. Then, join that one covenant in Majula to increase the difficulty.
          That being said… stop whining that they want to make the game more accessible to a broader range of people. There’s all kinds of nonsense you can do to make your game more challenging.

      • Cameron2325

        Lost sinner on NG+ is completely fair. Your just bad. Git gud.

    • Alexis13
  • Meteor

    i get why they nerf the sinner as it’s realy aggresive for one of the earliest bosses and those double pyromants are just bs alone…. but why amana? those female mages ARE the area, nothing else there is difficult in any way ( except the boss that lag-instakills you without animations :| ) and it realy isn’t hard to have any sort of ranged ( you get a free bow from lenigrast and 999 arrows only cost 9990)

    • Ano

      When you’re trying to farm Twinkling Titanites its a hassle to deal with the mages and the op mace wielders at the same time

      • Jessy James Guillemette

        Much easier if you farm them from the 3rd bonfire.

  • wee-buns
  • Truth

    How about you work on the netcode instead of nerfing bosses that don’t need to be nerfed.

    • Consumer12390 .

      Netcode is not a word you retarded faggot.

  • V For Vincennes

    Whew. Thank the stars. I might actually have a chance against the Lost Sinner. That broad has kept me dead in my tracks for three days now.

  • Joshua Daniel French

    Why make it easier? I haven’t yet felt like the bosses are unfairly difficult at all. I beat the last giant in the champions covenant before I knew what it did. Reduction in damage for magic and pyro is good though; I don’t use either as it makes everything too easy.

    • Jason Masters

      the shadow enemies on NG+ at the flexile sentry boss are ridiculous and needed to be nerfed

      • http://1-800notarealnumber.com McNotveryfreaky

        I agree. It’s freakin Capra Demon if he could hit harder and if the attack dogs were black knights…

      • Joshua Daniel French

        I tend to use Gower’s ring of protection and turn my back on the boss to kill the Shadow warriors first; using a Fire Black Knight Greatsword with high Strength and Faith/Int doesn’t take more than 3-5 hits even on NG+11 which I’m at in the area as I’ve been farming the Aurous armour.

  • Jack

    Well the female mages in Amana definitely need the nerf, everything else though shouls stay the same.

  • Mark

    How about a graphic patch that fixes the PS2 visuals, this is a joke.

    • Morbiu

      Yeah because graphics are way more important than balance changes.

  • Yehspuhr

    Wow, Crybaby.patch

  • shalazad

    Why did you nerf tons of easy enemies and bosses? this is king’s field/dark souls. you’re wasting your time nerfing an amazing game. try adding more content you weirdos.

  • shalazad

    Why are you nerfing easy enemies and bosses? this is king’s field/dark souls wake up and nerf the OP spells like great resonant soul or something. You’re wasting your time and mine by nerfing an amazing PVE game. FIX THE FREAKIN PVP LAG PLZ!

    • Ter

      great res soul costs souls to cast, its dark magic, it needs 2-3 spell slots and tons of int+faith and its charges are only like 5-10

      Its fine.

      • Jessy James Guillemette

        If they are nerfing simple stuff like Soul Greatsword, then yeah, GRS needs a FAT nerf. Its casting time is too fast for its ridiculous damage output. I mean seriously, it hits 1600’s through shields. Not cool.

        • Dude

          i dont think you are understanding the point. DRS has a lot of heavy requirements to use players have to sacrifice a lot to use it to begin with. You dont have to sacrifice anything at all to use soul greatsword properly.

          • Jessy James Guillemette

            with 30 intelligence and 20 faith im able to drop 1k with GRS. You arent sacrificing much.

        • suthrnitchyitchy

          you are GREATLY over estimating damage output with GRS. I’m using a pure hex build, 60 faith 60 int, practically no HP, and I have no melee options or even ability to use decent shields. with a +5 Chime of Want, AND the Abyss Seal(sacrifices my HP to power hexes) I hit MAX 1300 vs hollows in forest of fallen giants. against players in decent armor, I usually hit around 900 a hit. through a shield(which you can infuse and make 100% dark reduction) I get around 200 a hit, 500 if their using a smaller shield. and lets not forget that, like every souls game, you can EASILY dodge spells. I’ve done it, i’ve had it done to me, you can do it too. rather than whining about how a spell that places high demands on character creation and gear gives a high return on damage, simply learn to counter it. it isnt hard.

          • Tanner

            Bullshit I hit players for 1400+ dmg with 30 faith/int and going 60/60 is why you have no melee options or health. That gives you hardly any benefit over 30/30 for 60 levels more

          • suthrnitchyitchy

            give me proof. Based on my build, and the damage that I am seeing, yeah. it does a fuck ton of damage any way you slice it.
            Now would you mind addressing the rest of what I said? Like the fact that you can dodge it, you can block it, you can roll through and attack. it deals high damage in return for high stat investments, soul payment, and, with the Abyss Seal, hp sacrifice. Instead of bitching about “hurr durr it’s so op it can kill me in 2 hits because I’m too lazy to take steps to counter it”

          • treehuggerzcare


          • Joshua Barnard

            Don’t waste your time, the simpletons posting against spells don’t realize the limitations on the spells and the gear and choices needed to make them work at all, they just assume OMG ITS OP NERFIT!!!!!! What is op is how easy spells are dodged by lagslpoiters who can, with their good stamina, roll dodge forever and backstab/counter all day, no spell slots, no attunement stat full of opportunity cost that could have gone into vigor or another stat, just to have a spell list, or that for 80-90% of the game you are tossing soul arrow bullshit garbage and in the last 10% you finally got some spells that hit hard, or used to anyway, They all don’t get it, and are just clamoring to have anything but their playstyle nerfed into the ground. Because FROM listened to them and sledge hammer nerfed away pure caster viability, I and anyone who feels the same will not buy another one of their games without watching to see if it gets the same treatment in the future.

  • Ancient

    Really a great game being nerfed because a few people whine about being terrible? Bosses are a joke on NG+++++++ continued. Called learn some tactics the spells nerf and MLGS really? If your getting hit that much then you clearly need to just quit the game. I am a Sorc user and have been crapped on by close up melee, but oh no lets nerf sorcs all over the place. Its all strategy whoever is better will win.

    • Jessy James Guillemette

      The MLGS was basically better then every other weapon in it’s class tenfold. I’m not suprised its getting a much needed nerf.

    • shalazad

      MLGS was far better than every other weapon in the game…that doesn’t make much sense considering it’s just more OP sorc abusive junk.

  • Almagest910

    WHAT! NERF the players, not the freaking bosses. This game is already far easier than DS 1 don’t make it any easier please -_-

    • Jessy James Guillemette

      Its not easier, DS1 was just most peoples first experience with a souls game, making it feel harder (It really wasnt.)

  • evil nick

    How about some multiplayer fixes?????? Its been a week since me and my buddy have been able to see each others sign. I have seriously lost interest with this game. I HATE playing with random idiot strangers who just run amok and try and plow through the stage fast as possible.
    Get some server fixes, we tried the god ring and all our stats are in spec to work….!!!!!!

    • Jessy James Guillemette

      Yeah…. try checking to see if your Soul Memory/Soul Levels are compatible. I have had no problems with co-op. The Name Engraved Ring helps alot as well.

      • evil nick

        we are the same level and within 25% of each other. We cant see each others sign at all.
        Last week I could only see his (not vice versa) but now neither can see eithers and were even closer in range!
        tried the name ring…. did you even read the post before replying, not to sound rude but it seems you are more interested in just sticking up for the game than really seeing what the issue is.

        We are both set up with DMZ and have ZERO issues with any other game, we just finished borderlands 2 together with ZERO issues. The souls games coop just keep getting worse and worse.

        • Jessy James Guillemette

          Are either of you in the champions covenant. Could be the issue.

          • evil nick

            both are sun bros, used to both be blue bros but then changed to sun thinking it would help. This is as bad as dark souls one in the first 6 months before the patch. We ended up going through 3/4 of the game separately solo over the phone. Ruined the entire experience and purchase for us both.

          • Jessy James Guillemette

            Yeah 360 has issues for a couple days about a week after release. I heard PS3 had tons of problems on release day until patch 1.02 was released. Personally I’ve been playing with 3 friends on 3 different characters and we havent had any connection issues. Hope you guys figure out whats wrong,.

          • evil nick

            thanks we do to. I honestly regret buying this atm. 60$ down the toilet.

  • Voidwalker

    wtf? boss nerf? is it skyrim now? i would raise the difficult and they lower it? Please dont do this

    • Kevin Grecco

      gonna bonfire ascetic 10 times now just because of this

    • Jessy James Guillemette

      Pop ascetics or cry moar.

  • jakketeer .

    nerfing NPC’s in general is taking it too far, i was going to buy this game… now im not so sure, fromsoft should not pander to casuls

    • Jessy James Guillemette

      Whats wrong with more people playing their game. The point of adding the ascetic system is so they could have a game that appeals to the hardcore fans as well as a subdued first playthrough for the people who are just starting.

    • http://1-800notarealnumber.com McNotveryfreaky

      Don’t worry, everything is still tough. By ‘nerf’ they mean decrease its max damage by about 50 damage. Nothing to worry about.

  • Alexis13

    Personally I haven’t started yet, waiting for the PC version but I’m planning to be a pure archmage type using all kinds of magic because thats just always my style and RP style in everything because I like magic.

    I have seen quite a few pvp video’s and im cool tbh with some spells getting their damage decreased, but I don’t think spell casting speed should be nerfed at all it seem fine to me.

    also the amount of time I constantly have seem people riposte/backstab people for like their full hp 2000+ dmg in one attack is far more damage than I’ve seen any magic do, so whats the deal with at? I mean I’ve literally seen that kind of melee damage on people with like full heavy armor so why should magic be nerfed?

    Because people are playing differently? instead of 98.5% of the community just backstab fishing as “the legend never dies” like in Dark Souls 1?

    • Jessy James Guillemette

      I’ve been backstabbed sure, but unless you have under 1k health, you generally arent getting backstabbed for your entire bar. If you’re having that much trouble with backstabs, try Gower’s Ring of Protection. Shield break and parry on the other hand are much worse.

  • SotaSieni

    Seriously why would they nerf bosses.. Thats just stupid. Now any1 can solo Lost Sinner in NG+ >:(

    • Jessy James Guillemette

      Why is this even relevant.

  • D_C_B

    For a game that is trying to promote co-ops to nerf the bosses… no sense at all.

    • Jessy James Guillemette

      They arent trying to ‘promote coop’. Its simply an option for people who are having trouble. Dark souls has always been a game of isolation and basically zero communication.

  • Justin

    Gerumu is probably suppose to be Gyrm Warrior Armor lol…

  • Jessy James Guillemette

    PS: ‘Moonlight Greatsword can no longer be enchanted and buffed. Attack animation has been slowed / adjusted.’ Infused, yes. Buffed, no.

  • Dude

    It says they nerfed the damage of the female mages in shrine of amana… well… im not sure they did. the tracking definitely seems nerfed a bit but the damage is like double… it feels that way to me anyways.

  • Guy

    Its funny people just see the word “Nerf” and they freak out. No one ever thinks to ask the questions “how much did they nerf it by, or what specificly is nerfed?”. The nerfs are so subtle 99% of anyone playing will have no idea there has even been a change. Grow up you cry babies.

  • Greenbox17

    This is Bullshit! Nerfing bosses is beyond bullshit. They arent even hard enough in the first place! Idc what you do to spells but dont nerf the game.difficulty at all. Its fine the way it is!

  • http://1-800notarealnumber.com McNotveryfreaky

    Glad for the Shrine of Amana mage nerf. I always had an extremely hard time with that place.

  • smash

    This update doesnt need to happen at all. Im a pure tank and having so much fun. Nothing needs changed imo

  • Bob

    Completely ridiculous. I agree with some of the mage nerfs, but never nerf a boss because of low skill players.

  • Will

    They ruined Corrosive urns, there is no point to them anymore. :/

  • Hardcore gamer

    Now I’m feeling like I’m playing whining soul hahaha, this is a hardcore game leave it like it is.

  • Jon

    Instead of nerfing bosses, do away with the Soul Memory system. It’s screwing up many a co-op session with my bro. At least get rid of it in NG+

  • arms

    What about the fact that i need another Dark Lurker soul and there is no way to get one?

    • http://1-800notarealnumber.com McNotveryfreaky

      Its called ‘new game plus’.

  • Cxtrife

    lol, shut up already guys, people spam Great resonant soul to instakill and it wasnt nerfed…well, i dont see anyone crying about it…, you worry about nerfed spells, R1 melee spammers, and that poise is broken now?… learn how to dodge and your fun levels will greatly increase, you got lag?, well it happens to us all, shut up and enjoy the game, soft is trying to balance the game, cause some people were dying too fast before getting close enough to dish some damage with their weapons, and some others were suffering from not being able to escape a stunlock… thank soft they are actually trying to make it more accesible to players, so we have more people to fight instead of waiting and waiting like we had to do back in DKS1, and i love that game like id love my own child if i had one. Shut it, and enjoy the ride

  • Cxtrife

    oh, on the Boss nerfing topic… wtf Soft?

  • MunzyL

    Why nerf the MLGS? I mean it’s good but resonat weapon/ruler’s sword is the most overpowered combo in the game as far as enchants go. Boss nerf is pointless because the game, like all souls games, become easier with experience. If you’re dying on the bosses either A) summon someone to help you or B) continue trying and learn the boss mechanics. The thorns/old sun needed to be tuned down, and they are still relevant even after the nerf, but the changes to sorcery are ridiculous. For everyone thinking that the soul greatsword change is a nerf… I do 1100 dmg a swing WITHOUT unleash magic and it now swings almost as fast as a power attack from a greatsword. Although i do have 286 cast speed, just saying it’s not really a nerf as much as it is a balance. Have fun and good luck to all!

  • lord_ant

    I’m just happy they nerfed the shrine of amana priestesses.

  • wizadwitastick

    Rolling through spells and backstabbing. Nerf not needed. And mages are not noobs they’re ranged specialists. Oh widely known fact…WIZARDS ARE POWERFUL!!!

  • Anthony DeRose

    They need to fix the Goddamn multiplayer! I want a refund!

  • jRoldo

    where is the fucking pursuer nerf???????????????

  • Thrusled388

    Magic is way overpowered, even magic scaling swords are better than standard physical ones, hence the mlgs nerf