Dark Souls 2 Release Date Leaked Via E3 Sign

E3 will be held in Los Angeles this year and promises to be massive. However, it seems a sign must have leaked the release date for Dark Souls 2.

The game is said to arrive on March 2014. It was first announced in 2012 and a two year development period sounds normal indeed. Earlier the studio, From Software, was reluctant to give a release date because they felt the game won’t make it in 2013.

Considering it arrives quite early, gamers have something to look forward to. The game runs on a new engine and here are some details on it. You can also check out a trailer that they showed a few months back.

The game was earlier only 25% complete according to an interview with the developers, and it is aiming for photorealism.

Check out the E3 sign below.

Dark Souls 2 release date e3 sign